John is a jack-of-all-trades artist. He draws and paints, works in cut paper collage, and makes three-dimensional props. He thinks visually, and is skilled in communicating these ideas clearly with his clients, whether they are 'visual people' or not. He teaches drawing and painting classes, including the popular 'I Can't Draw' Workshop. He has a broad knowledge of Art History, including Contemporary Art, and can work in many different styles. John has deep experience in Retail Design, Illustration, and the world of Fine Art, and has an MFA from School of Visual Arts, in New York.
Carrie can walk into a room, and see it for what it can be. She possesses a strong set of design skills, and the ability to clarify and realize a client's plan. Carrie has a keen sense for how details add up to the big picture. Her interest in textures and color shows through in all Lavin+Stacey projects. Carrie earned a degree in Textile Design from Fashion Institute of Technology.

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